Studies , Design and Supervision on Dams projects 
  •  Phase I and II studies for treatment of Chery Dam, North Khorasan
  •  Monitoring, safety control  and sustainability of Geshlagh dam, Kurdistan Province
  •  Monitoring, safety control  and sustainability of  Siyah Sang dam, Kurdistan Province
  •  Monitoring and evaluation studies, review of recognizing phase and the first stage of Ajisou Dam, Golestan province
  •  Study and design of the earth dam in Maneh and Samalghan, North Khorasan
  •  Phases I and II studies of diversion dam restoration of Kalateh Manar, Khorasan Razavi Province
  •  Phases I and II studies of artificial recharge in  Honameh, Shirvan
  •  Phase I studies of restoration plan of diversion dams and water intake in Sarakhs town
  •  Phase II studies of water intake and transmission line design in Roshtkhar, Sijavand, and Saadatabad villages, Khorasan Razavi
  •  Phase III engineering studies (Site construction and Supervision) of water intake and water supply canal plans in Roshtkhar, Sijavand and Saadatabad villages
  •  Site construction and Supervision of diversion dam and water supply canal to the farmlands in Aghmaz village, North Khorasan
  •  Review studies of phase II and Site construction and Supervision on atrificial recharge in Baz sarayan, South Khorasan
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