Studies, design, and Supervision on Agricultural, Natural Resources and Watershed project 
  •   Studies for creation and development of forest in sloped ground in north Khorasan
  •   Detailed studies of Yanbagh basin, Kalaleh town, 16100 ha area
  •   Detailed studies of Gharnagh basin, Kalaleh town, 12093/3 ha area
  •   Detailed watershed studies in Kalchel, Ferdows town, 8000 ha area, South Khorasan
  •   Site construction and Supervision on restoration and reconstruction of aqueducts in Fariman, Torbat Jam, Taybad, Saleh Abad, Sarakhs, Zaveh, Roshtkhar, Khaf, and Kalat
  •   Consulting services required for Jahad Keshavarzi Organization in Birjand (surveying, water supply network design, cost estimation, design of pressurized irrigation systems, Site construction supervision on plan operation)
  •   Design and preparation for restoration and reconstruction in Soghat, Nehbandan (design, clearing, access road, conservative dike, water distribution network, and providing technical and personal characteristics of documentations)
  •   Review of studies and Site construction and supervision on water and soil operation plan in Khoushab, Sarbisheh town and the suburb, South Khorasan Province
  •   Phase II studies of planning flood prevention and sediment control structures in Kordkouy town, Bandar Gaz (Gorgan gulf basin)
  •   phase II studies of flood prevention and sediment control structures in Gorgan city (Ghaz Mahalleh, Sar Mahalleh, and Nokandeh regions)
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